Thursday, January 18, 2018

No more imagination. (sorry)

So like you saw in the title NO More imagination NO more!But don't blame me I do not remember anything, so I am just going to talk about some stuff I remember.

Gangmo:So firstly you maybe do not know but a new kid will "replace" Seo-Ho.He comes from Korea (South of course) and he seems friendly.Of course even if he is mean (surely not) I am one of hes two phenix budi with Ester.For the moment he only came for 15 minutes, so we don't know much about him.

Flying Solo:I know I know we stared reading it one weak ago (but I have no imagination remember!).I really appreciate this book because it is not like a normal book there is like tones of points of views.It is also really funny because the substitute teacher doesn't show up so the kids need to make a gouvernement.

Our Gouvernement:Will writing about the book (see up) I remembered that we are making a gouvernement.A democratic government to be precise.Graham is the president, Mika is prime minister, Karolina is the justice, Uy is police and armies, SeoYeon is lawyer and I am education.I really like this gouvernement (apart some laws!Uhum sanitizer) because we choose our destiny (beautiful words right). 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Opinion On The Different Governments.

What is:
Monarchy: Monarchy is when there is a king called a monarch that has absolute power gouvernes."mon" means one and "anarchy" means leader.
Dictatorship:Its a Monarchy but when the dictator takes politicaly or by force the gouvernement.
Anarchy:Is when there is no leader."an" means no and "archy" means leader.
Democracy:Democracy is when people elect and choose what they want to happen."demo" means people and "cracy/kratos" means rules.

Opinion on what we did:

I think the best and most organized is democracy.

Monarchy:Monarchy was quiet annoying I needed to decide everything what was happening, so sometimes people were not happy.And I think the citizen were not happy cause I had absolute power and they did not have a opinion.

Anarchy:When I faked my death Moritz and Zach wanted to go to the power.But nobody was ok so it was messi and we were doing stuff on our own.

Dictatorship:After the Anarchy Mr.Nathan became a dictator.I did not like it because we hade to do what ever he said.

Democracy:I liked being able to choose and vote for stuff.And that I did not have to choose every thing as a president. 

Thursday, December 14, 2017


Today we had to respond to the rubric down below:

1. How is electricity transferred, transformed and controlled?

Electricity is/can transferred and controlled with some wires made of copper and/or with other  electricity conductors.And for more safety around the wire plastic or rubber(that does not conduct the  electricity).Electricity can be transformed or separated to go in certain machines.

2. What are the pros and cons of two different energy sources?

Con of Nuclear energy is the high chances of deadly and poisonous explosions.The pro is that it makes tones of kilowatts.The con of Hydro is you destroy some of animals place to drink or sleep.The pro is that we can reuse the water again and again.

3. What was your contribution to your Shark Tank group?

I was TG(technologie guru) that meant I had to researching, taking information and printing will the others were making the speech, when I finished researching I helped them with the speech.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Maker Day Reflection

So first it was a bit depressing to see fourth grade kids having fun outside.We tried to make a solar panel with a tin can but of course it did not work.It was challenging trying to find the right pieces.Next time I would try to find something easier to make.Making an explorative poster was very successful.We are going to try to continue improving our speeches.I am feeling edgy and bad about the shark tank because our model doesn't work.My role was to research and build the model.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Chinese interview

So we started by writing and responding to some questions.After we learned them and practice with friends.Then we were starting to make planes of inviting native Chinese speaker.After inviting them we made delicious dumplings to eat when they would come.I felt excited.when it was finally the day we went during lunch in the classroom and interviewed the people.

1.The first question was: what is your name.She replied "miss. Shang".
2.What is your age: "32 years old".
3.From where do you come from: "Vietnam"
4.What is your favorite food: "pizza and ice cream".
5. What do you like to drink: "bubble tea".
6.What is your are hobbies: "reading".
7.What is your favorite animal: "I do not like animal's".
8.What is a pet you would like: "I do not like pet's".
9.What language do you speak: "Mandarin, French, Vietnamese and English".
10.What does your country celebrate: "Moon Festival".

See: I see that it helped me a lot.
Tink: I think it was a good choice to do that.
Wonder: I wonder if we are going to do it again.

Monday, November 20, 2017

A Watch Life

I am for peace and for love (and hugging of course).I am never late but still asleep, wake me up and don’t be late.I am a watch, YOUR watch to be precise so please treat me like a friend and let me hug.And don’t let me sleep or time will pass under your nose.                                                                                                           

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Chess Informational literature

Chess Informational Literature
Chess is one of the oldest board game ever discovered. We think the first chess board is  nearly 1500 years  old.We believe the game comes from china and got more developed in persia and when the arabs took over southern europe chess was theres.In the beginning the chess boards were made in wood and bones, the checker were also made in bone and its for this reason that chess games where only for rich people.Chess was also a gambling game(a game where you can win or lose belongings and money a bit like a casino where you can lose your house).At that stage some kings would bet there kingdom or even their WIVES!But people founded it totally normal to bet slaves and other people.

But even with its odd history it is a fun and strategic game.

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