Thursday, May 24, 2018

Middle School Concert

Recount of the Middle School Concert
By:Xavier Ruffio

The MS concert in UNIS started on May the 22.Grade 5 got invited to come assist the concert in the amphitheatre at UNIS. After leaving the classroom, we arrived in the theatre I think we went there late because they already started playing their instruments.

The first performance was a narration of a story “Three Billy Goats Gruff” accompanied with the G6 choir and band.It was a story about those three billy goats encountering a troll.At the end they said the moral was not to be a troll and lots of people did not laugh.

Then I mist the beautiful G7/8 orchestra and the G6/7/8 choir because some people were chatting behind me so I could not hear.You would probably tell me “why did you not ask them to stop” well I tried but whenever I would turn around to see who was talking they would stop so I did not know who they were.

After that when they finally stopped talking a teacher announced that the last piece “Joy” would come more early because we were late to go back home.They played their piece and then everybody ran with haist out of the  amphitheatre it looked like a zoo then we all got our bags and go home.We were so late I almost missed my bus.

In conclusion I think it was a great work and that I feel bad because there is like 3 pieces they learned to play but were not able to show it because of the time.I also hope I can do the same in middle school.

Thursday, May 17, 2018


So firstly I persenaly do not really like the recount thing because I find it hard to add good detail.I just made a very recent one and it was about my morning May 19 and her it is:

So everything started when I woke up in my four feet tall bunk bed.I woke up and fell out of my bed.Then I slapped my face I do not really know why.After that painful episode I putted my clothes on and ran down stairs to give food for my beautiful 7 months old puppy.Then I went back up the stairs and ate my breakfast quickly not miss my bus.I ran down the stairs again and ran at the last bus stop for C6 then I arrived at school for another day.At periode 6 I started writing a Recount named “Recount Of My Morning”.

We could not do anything we wanted because M.Nathan wrote on the board (because he was sick) "Write a one paragraph recount with at least four events and splendide adjectives".I found it hard to get inspiration but I found it.I do not really understand why we would need that in real life.

If you want her is the original recount.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Math Station

Hello welcome so I was a bit to lazi so I just copy pasted the reflections I already did.Enjoy!

May 9 2018
I think the Volume and Length stations were super easy.For the Volume one I made a formula length x width = area on the bottom x heights = volume.Then for the Length one just do a line of 5cm, 7mm and a half of a mm then make another line with 30 degrees angle and then connect and you are done.

May 10 2018
Today I only did Capacity/Kool-Aid and I learned that I HATE Kool-Aid!I got a tiny sugar rush and a small stomach ache and I am happy Gangmo used like 20ml so that the station was finished.But I kind of feel bad M.Nathan that needs to buy more.

May 11 2018
Today I was in the time station and it was easy Jk rowling makes 95 million a year so I divided it with 52 (number of weeks in a year)I got almost 2 million so it takes approximately 3 days in a half for 1 million.Now only time station left.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

PYPX Second Of The Name

If you are a good boy/girl you know that I already made an other blog and you read it if you did not go check it out.Now lets stop chatting and talk you probably know I don't really like PYPX because we miss everything and for this blog I have nothing to talk about apart this d__b thing!What was my weak schedule coming back to vietnam and going directly to school then PYPX then the next day PYPX and then PYPX im not even joking and then Art (finally something normal and fun.Ow never mind we only have half the period because of every body at the same time PYPX PYPX PYPX!!!) I even had to copy the"PYPX" thing so much I rote it on and on my calendar.(Just kidding but still!!)

So now lets calm down and talk normally (write actually but whatever) we almost finished planning but not presenting and we have only 1 weak left.Our action is to help Vinh Tien School fill there library because they have a few bookshelves but no books for the whole school.So we decided to ask the SCO to fund this project.They still did not respond but they will probably say yes because we are students.I think we had a good initiative to meat somewhere in hanoi not going to say in case of anything really and we are going to try finishing our presentation.I am very sorry for the long first paragraph but I needed to tell it to someone because I feel safe when writing my blog.I also want to address a message to my classmates, great teacher and family for supporting me even though I am annoying sometimes but I can see my progress look at my first blog "math who I am" I did to phrases and 1 picture thank you.

Monday, April 9, 2018

My Easter Holidays In Australia

For my vacation I went to Australia in Canberra the capital ( I know some would say na its Sidney but it isn't.Nope search it up the capitale is not Sidney. And yes I know there are several capitals but the the CAPITAL of Australia is Canberra.).I did that not for tourisme but to visit my friend ______ (going to call him Jiff just to keep his identity anonymous).I think it was AWESOME!We chased some kangaroos (you might say didn't it punch you well no they usually do that in spring the love periode.Just swing your arms and scream you will look stupid but it scares them of.Not joking.), we also went to the lack and jumped from trees and bridges, we went to the beech with his dog that was always trying to keep us out of the water and most of all I was far away from my family (just kidding Mom and if you are reading)

With Jiff and his family we went to the blues fest(music festival) in Byron Bay.It was a bit muddy but quiet fun.We would play tag with Bob(fake name of Jiff's brother), PigsAreDumb (fake name of Jiff's sister) and Jiff will listening music.I also had some time with two of the friends I had when I was there at school Fred and Zat (Fake name)it was fun Fred came for a sleep over, we all played court handball and we did some Nerf wars really fun.

During my last day we had a party and Fred's parents, dog, brother and sister.It was funny when we were eating Fred's sister said that some guy in here class and another girl called themselves love bugs she laughed with acute laugh so we mimicked here.Then after she said with a low voice "they also kissed on the cheek" and we all laughed.Then when it was time to leave I was sad because we would not see for 1 year.But atleast I talk to him with disord so I feel better. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

My PYPX Group

So first if you do not know what is the PYPX it is Primary Years Programme eXhibition (I Know that it is wierd it should be PYPE) so it is just our exhibition unit.But not just any exhibition but it is about taking action for something.So first we needed to find groups to do that we wrote three action we would like to take (it needed to be in link with our passion literacy for me) and then we were putted with people with the same passion.I am with (drum roll...) Quang Nhat, Kelly/Soohyun, Jingyun and Jeff /Bobi/Me.

I think my group is pretty effective because we have lots of laughter (laughing) and at the same time finishing our work, but off course there is a problem otherwise I would not talk about it.We have a group member that I am not going to nominate (Jingyun) does not really work he only translates what we wrote.I know you will tell me "Give him a chance he doesn't speak well english.Blablabla." and I will reply "We gave him GOOGLES of chances but he continues.Also he speaks and understands perfectly when he wants to."

But even dow we have that problem (My teammates will probably disagree with the following) we still work well together and we finish our work on time.So on that beautiful note goodby and see (not see because I can't see you but still) you on my next blog.I also have a last announcement to you reader (even if you are the only one) I will not make blogs in the two weeks after today (23 March) not because I leave with Takuma but because I go early in Australia with my friends.

Message To mister Nathan I know I have done less than 15 phrases (sorry for the challenge I am a failure!!)

Thursday, March 8, 2018


I am very excited(sarcastically) for the exhibition unit like you probably if you reed "Our New Unit" on my blog.You might ask me "why would you talk again about it if you love it so much?" well we are forst to so yeah.Our groups we new them on wednesday and I am with (drum roll...) Quang Nhat, Jungyun, Kelly/Soo Hyun and me self(I know I spelled myself wrong) and I think we work well together.My mentor is miss Aiqin Li (my chinese teacher) so I am excited.